About the Photographer

Schwalm, Mary Mary Schwalm is a photojournalist based in the Boston area. A graduate of Colby College, Schwalm spent 6 years as a Sports Photo Editor at the Associated Press before striking out to pursue a career as a photographer. Schwalm’s photographs have been published in multiple newspapers including the New York Times, Boston Globe, Los Angeles Times, USA Today and The Chicago Tribune. In her international travels for various sports assignments, Schwalm found the love for zoos, visiting over 75 of them, but still hasn’t made it to St. Louis, Pittsburgh, or Chicago’s Lincoln Park.

Her current obsession is to set foot on Antarctica.

(photograph by elise amendola)


7 comments so far

  1. shaun chown on

    Mary, I love your photos from Baxter State Park. What photo gear did you take on your climbs in Baxter State Park. I’m going next week and am preparing my gear.

  2. katherinehas on

    I love your hockey photos! Your Hockey East mascot game photos are priceless!!!! (Gotta love a skating monk.)

    Keep up the excellent work!

  3. robert on

    Hi Mary,

    Once again, super stuff. Being the sports nut that I am, I am thrilled to be on youe list, but then again I love all the photos, sports or not.

    See you when you are back at CPZ


  4. paikiiimagery on

    Have you been to the Honolulu Zoo?

  5. Ginny on

    Will zoo animals be calendarized for 2009? Hope so!

  6. karen on

    mary, i love viewing your photo’s each week.
    keep up the great work… hope to see you at
    the Flat soon..


  7. Nick on

    I always enjoy my weekly pictures It’s a great break from what I should be doing at the time.


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