Introducing: Jpeg

Jpeg, The Dog

Meet Jpeg, our new puppy. A 4 month old, border collie mix from the Lowell Humane Society, she’s an instant delight, and already nicknamed “the picture puppy” No doubt she’ll be a well photographed dog. We here on Summer street are totally smitten.


5 comments so far

  1. Teresa on

    Jpeg. Ha! I love it! She’s a cutie!

  2. Andrew on

    Cute! I hope she doesn’t get into a TIFF with your cats!


  3. judylobo on

    This is HUGE news. Adorable.

  4. bonnieluria on

    Funny comment from Andrew!
    Looks like a Lobo animal portrait waiting to happen.

  5. Jennifer on

    That’s the perfect name for your dog. What a cutie patootie. Enjoy.

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