celebrating one year!

When Lobo’s Rants commemorated its one year anniversary last week, I assumed the blogger had mistaken one year for at least two. Haven’t we been reading her rants, enjoying her videos and photos, and padding our netflix queue from her movie reviews for more than just year? Naturally, I assumed she was lying to me, again, only to find, oh my gosh, July 17th 2008 marks MY blogiversary!

Of course, I feel like i’ve been doing this for more than just a year, so the irony to find myself kayaking around the same pond at Harold Parker State Park on the anniversary of a dusk encrusted first post frog inspires me to keep on going!

Here’s a look back at ten of my favorite posts. (with a bonus explanation!)

Zebra Tipping

My favorite photo of the year, this photo just cracks me up every time I look at it, which happens to be a lot, it’s the background image for both my computer and crackberry.

if I was a penguin

King Penguin, out of its element at Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo. Another out of the ordinary photo, as much as I love this photo, I love more the memories it churns up from an absolutely incredible visit to Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo. A wedding took me and my longtime Zoo Buddy there, and I feel compelled to express, of the 78 zoos and aquariums i’ve visited, this one is the best. Visit Omaha!

The Brave Goose

A gosling looks for food in front of a plastic coyote… I waited for a long time for the gosslings to wander towards this scare tactic. Like Zebra Tipping, the photo just makes me laugh.



A bug perches on the tip of an asiatic lily. As a professional photographer with heavy and expensive gear, I tended not to believe that a point and shoot camera could come close in comparison. My Canon G7 has completely changed my mind about that, it’s macro abilities (see bug) are stunning, and I feel totally at ease giving my back a break from the big stuff. This camera ROCKS.


Giant Panda baby Zhen Zhen at the San Diego Zoo. I’ve long wanted to visit the San Diego Zoo, and to visit Sea World and the Wild Animal Park with my long time Zoo Buddy before a wedding celebration of two dear friends has made the trip that much more special and memorable.


I drove past this letter dumping ground twice before pulling off to make the photo. I was way over-lensed, the byproduct of another assignment, and had to stand clear across the lot to get this shot. When i returned with the appropriate lens, all the letters were gone. A lesson learned, I now always carry a short lens and a long lens in my car.

Ape see, Ape do


Kasih, The Phoenix Zoo. Anthropomorphism usually drives me crazy, but this just seemed like the Orang and I had the same gingivitis worry in common.


Palm Tree
Cane Bay, St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands. St. Croix is my new favorite destination. It’s easy to get there, it’s easy to stay there, so easy to relax, and the blogger behind St. Croix-nicity has perfected accommodating everyone’s pace and activity needs. Jamba Juice IS an activity.

Pawdon me

Tigers, Philadelphia Zoo. I like zoos, zoo babies are cute, and the Philadelphia Zoo has them often! As a result it is one my favorites to visit time and time again. America’s First Zoo ranks high in my top 10 favorite zoos.

Whale Watching

Humpback Whale Breach. Stellwagen Bank, off Gloucester, Mass.. I’ve been on many whale watches, and never seen a breach. A real memorable outing.

Artsy High on Boston

sky scraper windows
Boston, as seen from the State Room, reflected in a big building across the street. I’ve long been known to shoot reflections, though usually I’m seeking out puddles. Here, these mirrored windows had a similarily cool effect.

Okay, so that was 11. Sorry.


9 comments so far

  1. judylobo on

    It has been an exceptional first blogging year for you (and very lucky for us).
    Happy blogiversary to you.
    Your long time Zoo Buddy

  2. Jennifer on

    Happy Blogiversary! I can’t believe it’s only been one year. I love coming to your site and seeing all the breathtaking photos. These were also some of my favorites. Although the gravity-defying sports actions photos are also incredibly intriguing to me, too.

    Best wishes for many more happy blogiversaries!

  3. Gary on

    Happy Blogiversary! I vote for the mascots…and Manny, who is a quasi-mascot.

  4. robert on

    What a great year for all of us lucky enough to be a part of that year congrats

  5. bonnieluria on

    It’s a happy fever you’ve started along with Lobo. Congratulations on a sensational visual library that is stunning.

    You’ve selected some of my favorites too. Vowelentines ( Love your names also ), Zebra tipping and of course, Cane Bay!

    You’re responsible for making me love taking pictures again and tech support too.

    Here’s to many more years till you reach the G17.

  6. becca mink on

    i love the zebra tipping too–what a great trip to oakland zoo!
    are you gonna visit us again? hope so. happy one year!
    where’s prague the frog?!

  7. Jude Shapiro on

    An Orang using dental floss…what’s that expression about 6 degrees of separation. I don’t think it’s six!

    Happy Blogiversary – Keep it going.

  8. Carol King on

    Happy Blogiversary Mary. I loved all the photos you selected. Zebra tipping and the gosling and coyote crack me up too!

  9. Andrew on

    Happy Blogiversary! I like to think I had something to do with getting you into a bloggy state of mind. I’m glad you’ve stuck with it! It’s an incredible catalogue of work. Keep it coming!

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