if I was a penguin….

Metaphorical Self Portrait of the overwhelmed and elated photographer. King Penguin, out of its element at Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo. Photographer’s note: The best zoo visit to date.


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  1. judylobo on

    As another awestruck Henry Doorly zoo visitor I totally concur. A fabulous place to visit.

  2. bonnieluria on

    I am speechless and featherless with envy. If that same penguin was ME, my beak would have been dropped open to my webbed feet!
    Just fantastic. Fantastic opportunity for you and travel buddy, and most striking photo! Love it Love it Love it!!!!!!

  3. Clark on

    I always injoy seeing others who enjoy Henry Doorly as much as our family does. The Penguins are a treat to visit anytime of year. What better way to take a couple hour break from a ten below winter weekend day then watching penguins. You get to watch penguins eating, walking around, guarding their eggs, and or taking a leap into the water and taking flight!
    Thanks for sharing. Clark,

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