The San Diego Chicken

Mascots: (a series) The San Diego Chicken. “The San Diego Chicken” now the freelance “Famous Chicken” hatched from performer Ted Giannoulas’s costumed stint at a zoo in 1974. Though baseball’s first character mascot, the Chicken is heir to a long tradition of baseball clowns, and has inpspired a new generation of furry (and feathered) friends. —Baseball as America, The National Constitution Center, Philadelphia. Mary Schwalm/


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  1. Gary on

    Love the mascot series! Wasn’t Mr. Met the first mascot in the major league?

  2. maryschwalm on

    Mr. Met may very well have been the first, perhaps that is the reason for the distinction between “character” mascot and baseball clown?

  3. steven turnage on

    I love the chicken, When I got shot in arkansas and went on jimmeml kimmel show , I did talk to San Diego Chicken on the radio . He was cool and Im, still have the suit. email me at attn Mr chicken. steven turnage in searcy ark P.o box griffithville ark 72060

  4. steven turnage on

    I Have the suit that was worn on JIMMY KIMMEL show and I still do charitys . I love Sango Diego Chicken , I have moved to searcy ark , still love being a masscot . i wil never forget my fans

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