Waiting for Butterflys

Remember World magazine? And the ‘what in the world’ on the back page? I’ve been fascinated by macro photography ever since. Who knew an ecchinacea flower was so intricately colorful and beautiful.


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  1. Jennifer on

    Wow! Love the extreme close-up. Sort of feels like a kaleidoscope.

  2. Andrew on

    That does look great. Those what in the world puzzles were impossible. Although, if I recall, they had a “matching” component, right? You didn’t just have to pull the answer out of thin air…

    BTW, how about a link to your blog on maryschwalm.com I think you’ve moved beyond beta-testing this baby.

  3. Evan on

    sometimes i wish I was a butterfly!

  4. ABP on

    I *do* remember World magazine and the “what in the world” feature on the back page! I always flipped to it first. Wow, I have not thought about that in probably 15 years. Thanks for the blast from the past.

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