46 Ribs!

Two-toed Sloth
Did you know, the two-toed sloth (that’s that cute face above) has more ribs than any other animal? With 46, that’s 6 more than elephant, 10 more than a horse, and 22 more than you (provided you’re human)


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  1. judylobo on

    Sensational photo of a sloth. AND the sloth is awake. Brava!

  2. Andrew on

    Now I hate to fact-check you on this, but according to this site (http://www.dnr.state.mn.us/young_naturalists/snakes/index.html):

    “A snake has between 200 and 400 bones in its back, each with a pair of ribs. (You have about 33 bones in your back and 12 pairs of ribs.)”

    If my math is right, that means a snake has between 400 and 800 ribs…But a two-toed sloth has way more toes than a snake, so perhaps that evens the score. Or something.

  3. maryschwalm on

    From the same site: Like turtles, lizards, crocodiles, and alligators, snakes are reptiles. (not animals)

  4. Jude on

    What a fabulous shot of the sloth.

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